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A little more about Vitalite, including our Frequently Asked Questions. Is something missing? Get in touch using the form below.

About Vitalite

Where can I buy Vitalite?
Vitalite is stocked in most major retailers. For the latest stockist info, head to our Where To Find Us page.
Can I freeze Vitalite spread?
Yes! Make sure it is put in the freezer before the Best Before Date and defrost in the fridge. Consume within two weeks.
How is Vitalite spread different to butter?
Apart from the fact that Vitalite spread is dairy free, it also contains 75% less saturated fat than butter. It’s a source of Vitamin E and Omega 3&6, and we fortify Vitalite with B vitamins helping you to maintain a balanced diet.
Do you add anything to your products to help maintain a balanced diet?
Our tasty dairy free spread has added B vitamins, including B12.
Does Vitalite spread contain any sunflower oil?
Given the global shortage of sunflower oil (and sunflower derived products) impacting the wider Food industry at the moment, because of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, Vitalite has had to adjust its recipe, substituting sunflower with rapeseed alternatives.

We pride ourselves in the high quality of Vitalite and can assure you that the adjusted product recipe still delivers the same great taste and quality.
Does Vitalite spread contain any hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fats or fatty acids?
Our spread has been free from Trans Fats and Hydrogenated Fats since 2005!
How do you make Vitalite taste as good as Dairy?
Now, that would be telling!

Dietary Information

I’m giving Veganism a whirl. Are your products suitable for me?
For sure! Our spread is free from animal products and Vegan Society accredited. Despite being Vegan, we never compromise on taste.
I’m intolerant to Dairy. Can I eat your products?
Of course! Vitalite spread is completely dairy free. In addition it's also lactose, gluten & soya free!
I have a nut allergy. Is it safe to eat your products?
Our spread does not contain any nuts as ingredients and it is produced in factories which do not handle nuts or nut-based ingredients.


Can I recycle Vitalite packaging?
Our tub and lid are recyclable through normal household kerbside collections. The cover leaf is not yet recyclable.
I’ve noticed there is palm oil in your spread. Is it sustainable?
The short answer is yes! We are a working member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and 100% of the palm oil used in our spread is sustainable.

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